Why a Washcloth May Be Causing Your Acne Breakouts and What to Use Instead

Jun 10

What type of towel do you use to wash and dry your face?

A nearby bath towel that’s still a little damp from your morning shower? A go-to washcloth that’s been reused more than you’d like to admit? How about an ultra-clean washcloth, fresh out of the linen closet?

You may be asking, does it really matter?

Yes, babe! It does.

Whether you just pulled your washcloth out of a clean load of freshly-scented laundry or you’re reusing yesterday’s towel to pat your face dry, they both can carry bacteria and build up from dead skin, detergents, and makeup.

Gross, right?

Believe it or not, even detergents and hot water may not completely eliminate all bacteria. And while it certainly helps to minimize bacteria, it’s difficult to achieve 100% sterility.

Need proof? Microbiologist, Dr. Charles Gerba, found that 90% of bathroom towels were contaminated with coliform bacteria and 14% were contaminated with E. coli. Gerba went on to say that you’d get less bacteria on your face if you simply “stuck your head in a toilet and flushed it.”

If we haven’t gotten your attention yet, I bet that did!

Here’s the kicker: if you’re suffering from acne, irritation, or other skin conditions, your towel could be your sneaky-little culprit!

At The Glow House, we’re acne specialists, which is why we take our towels seriously.

In this article, we’re going to outline why we never use a towel to wash or dry our clients’ faces — and the ultra-clean solution we use instead.

Why you should never use a washcloth or towel on your face

They are rarely 100% free of bacteria: Yes, we’re repeating ourselves here because this is a big one! Towels can quickly harbor bacteria, especially if they are not washed and dried properly. And when this bacteria transfers to your face, it can cause pesky, stubborn breakouts and other skin issues.

They are rough on the skin: Wash clothes and towels can be abrasive and will easily damage your skin — especially if you’re that person who cleans vigorously. Hey, there’s always one of us!

They are washed with harsh detergents: Most laundry detergents contain harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances that may cause irritation, dryness, or allergic reactions.

They create hygiene concerns: When towels are used for multiple purposes — such as drying your body and your hands — they quickly introduce dirt, bacteria, and other contaminations that can be harmful to the face.

At this point, you may be saying, “Ok you’ve convinced me. But what about makeup wipes? Aren’t those good for the face?”

Hate to break it to you, babe. They aren’t.

While they may be better than a regular hand towel, they have their own set of issues.

Why makeup wipes may be harmful to your face

They contain harsh chemicals: Most makeup wipes contain harsh chemicals, such as alcohol, fragrance, and preservatives. These chemicals can easily irritate the skin, resulting in dryness, redness, or allergic reactions.

They can damage the skin: When removing makeup, it’s natural to rub and tug the skin. This friction can damage the skin’s delicate surface and lead to signs of premature aging.

They are not environmentally friendly: Because makeup wipes are typically disposable — not biodegradable — they contribute to environmental waste and pollution.

Ok, so if washcloths and makeup wipes are out, then what in the world are we supposed to use?

We asked the same question, which prompted our search for something better. Something cleaner. Something that we knew would benefit the skin, not irritate it.

The ultimate clean towel solution for acne prevention and treatment

Not only did we want a towel that would eliminate potential acne breakouts, we wanted something that could actually treat acne.

That’s when we found Clean Towels, which checked all our boxes — plus more! They are the world’s first disposable, biodegradable, ultra-soft facial towel.

Here are some of our favorite benefits of Clean Towels:

  • They help alleviate acne breakouts and reduce skin conditions
  • They help maintain a healthy skin barrier
  • They are chemical free, 100% natural and unscented, and great for sensitive skin
  • They are 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • They are ultra-absorbent, enough to dry your face and hands
  • They are exceptionally soft and durable and won’t scratch or irritate delicate skin

Oh, and they’re dermatologist tested and approved — which is a big plus in our books.

We also love the versatility of these towels. Here are some ways we use them:

  • Drying a freshly cleaned face
  • Pairing with a cleanser to gently wash the face
  • Removing balms, oils, and face masks (mess-free)
  • Cleaning makeup tools

If acne or skin problems are a constant source of stress, we highly recommend getting your hands on these towels. Run, don’t walk — they’re a complete game changer!

One-up your acne treatment

If you’ve tried everything for your skin and feel like nothing has worked, check out our Acne Bootcamp. With consistent care from our acne experts, personalized treatments for your specific needs, and holistic lifestyle guidance, you can see drastic changes in 3 to 4 months.

We’re a skincare boutique near Columbus Ohio in Lewis Center Ohio; however, we offer in-clinic and virtual appointments for clients all over the U.S. At The Glow House, we believe everyone deserves to love the skin they’re in and we’re here to help you achieve exactly that.

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